First Level Sales Management

Fundamentals of First Level Sales Management

  • Level 1 managers are the most important link in the success for the sales force.
  • He/she is constantly under pressure for performing the committed numbers everyday.
  • Their behaviour is the most important reason for attrition which is a huge cost and is a wastage for business.
  • They find it very challenging to handle even a single day, because of lack of planning and prioritising.
  • Also they are feeling that they are not heard enough by their managers.

We are classifying their skill requirements into two parts ...

People Management Skills Modules

  • Building Lasting Relationships
  • Coaching - an ongoing process
  • Influencing with effective communication
  • Partnering all around

Business Management Skills Modules

  • Planning Business meticulously
  • Business Communication for executing strategy
  • Observation for Decision making
  • Reviewing & Reporting
  • We can pick one people skill and one business skill (preferably in the order given above) per session which will be for two days
  • Once in a quarter we can engage them for one session, so that we can complete the learning in a year (i.e. in 4 sessions all 8 modules will be covered)
  • The sessions will completely be in practice mode. Less than 20% of the time would be spent in PPTs or Videos
  • Learning would happen by role play and feed back, comprehending and expressing, reviewing with real time data and so on.
  • Each participant will go through every practice session to get a hands on experience of every concept